The workshop participants of IEA TEM #97.

FarmConners launched with workshop in Amsterdam

Wednesday 06 Nov 19


Gregor Giebel
Head of Section
DTU Wind
+45 46 77 50 95
The EU funded FarmConners project was launched with a public workshop, co-hosted by IEA Wind, in Amsterdam on 25 September 2019.

47 attendees from industry and academia attended a one-day workshop on the state of the art in wind farm control, and discussed the research and implementation gaps. The workshop was co-organised by IEA Wind, as an IEA Topical Expert Meeting, TEM #97. A pre-workshop survey showed that most stakeholders were interested in production gains, then in load reduction, and then in grid services. The main implementation gaps were deemed to be the lack of validation campaigns, a lack of understanding of the load impacts, and a insufficient understanding of the uncertainties involved.

The main consensus saw induction control to be on life support for production gains, but potentially playing a larger role in load decreases across the park. The main emphasis was on wake steering, which generally had shown promising performance for two-turbine cases, but still needs more validation for longer rows.

The main results are summarised in this poster to the WindEurope Offshore conference.

The entire workshop is also visible on the Wind Farm Control YouTube channel.

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